When Women Empowers Women, what do we get?

I started the idea of designing a small collection of activewear for confident women around 3 years ago. In my mind, I had this beautiful idea where my customers would be strong confident women, from all shapes and sizes. I do not have a background in fashion, so I approached the people that I knew who could help.

I am forever grateful to friends and acquaintance (funnily enough, they were all women!) all of whom were really patient with my series of questions. We are blessed to live in London. It is a huge city, full of opportunities. Having called this amazing city as my home over the last 10 years, London has taught me that it can be daunting to the outsiders, but at the same time, it’s a wonderful place for you to learn about yourself. Put aside the rush you see at the CBD, or even at the chaotic West End, London teaches you to be comfortable with your own self before you can enjoy what it has to offer.

With the limited resources that I had back then, and with the help of a brilliant pattern maker, we created what was DSKY’s first design which I called "Freedom"

The journey then moved on to finding a manufacturer who would be able to produce my garments. This is when my nightmare began. My investor suggested that we should approach several factories in Pakistan. Long story short, after a huge amount of money spent, I was very disappointed by the end product. To make matters worse, I was bullied throughout this process by men who think that I was not equal to them….never again. I had a similar experience in Turkey, but it wasn’t as bad.

I then decided to approach a manufacturer in Ho Chi Minh City after a recommendation from a friend. I remember visiting them a while ago for a different project approach and I thought, why not? The garment manufacturer is own by a woman with a strong character but more importantly, she was willing to work with me! Hurray! This is why at DSKY, we encourage individuals to get out of their comfort zone. It’s easy to settle for a routine, and it’s even easier to limit yourself to what’s familiar to you. But why not try something new? 

This is where the Marylebone was born. I was proud that I was able to work alongside a women business owner with women workforce.  We had the mutual benefit as we both wanted to help each other to produce quality garments. I spent hours making long-distance calls and messages to Vietnam at the early hour of the morning and when the first sample arrived, it was the best joy for me. 

Looking back, I am proud of my journey to get me to where I am right now. 

I strongly believe that when women empower each other, we can unlock a powerful potential. We are a force to be reckoned with and I am glad to see various movements encouraging women to maximise their potentials. 

Moving forward, DSKY will pursue responsible and sustainable production. This is why my heart is keen to give back. CARE.Org has a brilliant campaign call ‘ Made by Women’ with an ambitious goal of economically empowering 8 million women garment workers in Asia through dignified work by 2021. You can check out their campaign through this link: https://www.care.org/work/womens-empowerment/dignified-work

I am proud to announce that for every purchase of the Marylebone collection, DSKY will donate £5 to CARE.org ‘Made for Women’ campaign. 

I am #ProudToBe a business owner and I am proud to give back!

Shareena XX

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