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Yesterday I saw a huge group of a young, passionate individual from all background (but mostly young black individuals) marching through London protesting against the death of George Floyd.  I documented it in my personal Instagram to remind myself that #blacklivesmatter . Sadly, I saw a lot of comments on social media asking what these group of people are trying to achieve by protesting against something that is happening in the United States?


The movement touches my heart because to me, the protest symbolises their need to fight for their voice, to be heard and acknowledge that they exist. While the UK has progressed so much since the 70s, a lot more can be done to make it better. The Windrush scandal is one example of the government’s behaviour that needs to change. The hatred towards Immigrant is another sad thing that is happening here.

It is sad that even in 2020, things are still not much different than how it was in the late 60s


I grew up in a bubble and was privileged in a different way. Even that, I noticed at a very young age that Racism and hatred are real. 


You can help to change that. There are many, many resources out there that can help you to understand why #blacklivesmatter, and for Asians, if you think that this movement doesn’t concern us, then we are part of the problem too.


Educate yourself and educate the people around you. Racism and hatred can only be changed with a change of perception. It’s 2020, it’s time for all of us to reflect and challenge our thoughts. Be the positive change that our society desperately needed. 


I am not going to be perfect whilst supporting this movement, but I will continue to educate myself to make sure that I can better myself. You can do it too.


Shareena x


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