The DSKY Journal

  • So, What Now?

    Our founder wrote about her reflection of the current events and what she hopes she can do to contribute to the community
  • Talking about the uncomfortable things

        Yesterday I saw a huge group of a young, passionate individual from all background (but mostly young black individuals) marching through Londo...
  • Why going for therapy should no longer be a taboo

    For Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, DSKY asked our founder Shareena on why she thinks that therapy should no longer be a taboo.
  • How Coronavirus is teaching us the importance of mindfulness

    DSKY asked our gorgeous Amni Hidayah from YogAmni (@yogAmni) to talk about how COVID-19 has affected us generally and why it's important to go back basic and practice mindfulness.
  • When Women Empowers Women, what do we get?

    DSKY speaks to our founder to talk about her journey to set up DSKY and the challenges she faced
  • REPOST: Prejudice (experience, and forgiveness) - International Woman's day

    DSKY talks to Celebrity Daphne Iking (@DaphneIking) about Prejudice, forgiveness and what is it like to face that in the entertainment industry.